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In recent newsletters, I’ve been providing data which explains why many (if not most) people are choosing not to get a COVID vaccine. I’ll return to that series next week, but thought it was important to bring you some new information about employer-mandated vaccines, since this is a major concern for many people right now.

The COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the U.S. were approved under Emergency Use Authorization and are considered investigational. They are not fully licensed. Both states and private businesses cannot mandate that anyone receive a product that is not fully licensed by the FDA.

How to Organize Thursday Meetings

In order to take our country back and regain our freedom we need all hands on deck! This means EVERYONE recruits people to MAFA. Here’s how to do it:

While you can choose any day and time, Thursday at 6PM is a good choice. The early part of the week can be spent inviting, and people seem to relax on Thursday night – soon the weekend will start!  Whichever day you choose, make it consistent. It’s difficult to gather a group when the day, time and place of the meeting changes frequently.

Small Business Rescue A MAFA Thursday Group Initiative

We all know that small businesses in the U.S. have been decimated by the draconian measures taken in response to COVID-19. The government does not appear to have any plan for meaningful assistance, and in most places there seems that many restrictions will not end soon. It is up to us to rescue the businesses that are so important to our communities. Thursday groups are in a great position to help, and here are some suggestions for how to do this.

At every meeting, ask for names of businesses that need more revenue in order to survive.

Any type of business qualifies – massage therapists, restaurants, gift shops, art studios – any and all that are in trouble. Below are some strategies that we know work because we’ve used them ourselves.

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