Ohio’s Landmark Lawsuit: Help Us Save Our Country!

Ohio Stands Up! lawsuit against the State of
Ohio and its unconstitutional COVID-19 response

As the state of Ohio continues to discriminate against the elderly and promote fear amongst the population, Ohio Stands Up! is making progress in shining the light of justice on the issue. Recent days have seen some of the most incredible steps yet taken in Ohio’s response to a disease that is only slightly more dangerous to most people than a seasonal influenza.

Ohio Stands Up! attorney, Thomas Renz, said, “In working with our doctors and other experts we have become particularly troubled by this order. The symptoms of COVID-19 are the same or similar to a common cold, allergies, influenza, and even the side effects of some common medications. Since the test is inaccurate, even when used on the governor, how will we know who to imprison, and how will this imprisonment impact these people?”

Nothing will change until Americans are willing to come together and stand against the growing government. The Ohio Stands Up! Lawsuit is one of many that will help everyday citizens push back against the tyranny of today.

Make Americans Free Again Sign

Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, and New Mexico Stands Up Partner to Fight Tyranny

“The State and Federal public health system have misled the public, politicians, and even the Courts. If they have ANY integrity, they will recognize the truth and accept our requests for injunctive relief.”

Legal teams from Ohio and New Mexico will be filing a third action against the HHS, CDC, and NCHS for intentionally misleading the public regarding the dangers of COVID-19.

Temporary Restraining Order and a Show Cause Order against the Centers for Disease Control, The Department of Health and Human Services and the National Center For Health Statistics

“In March of 2020 the DHHS took the unprecedented step of issuing a new rule for the way COVID-19 deaths were counted. This rule created a system that counted COVID-19 deaths differently from ANY other cause of death and that would result in ‘COVID-19 being the underlying cause of death more often than not.’ The result is that deaths from COVID-19 have been dramatically inflated as compared to any other cause of death.”

Maine Stands Up! Against Governor Janet Mills

“For an entire year now, the people of the State of Maine have lived under the cloud of a “state of civil emergency” that is a legal construct, a unilateral proclamation by Governor Mills, extended by the Governor unilaterally no fewer than 11 times (the “Emergency”). All this time, the Legislature, controlled exclusively by the Governor’s own political party, has been adjourned… All power has been concentrated in the hands of the Governor.”

Case Filed Against The Governor of Kentucky

“Today, under the guidance of an unelected administrative structure, many of the rights our Supreme Court has determined are fundamental under our Constitution are denied. These fundamental rights are being denied, not out of prudence, they are being denied due to unfounded deliberately induced fear and intentional manipulation.”

Alaska Stands Up! 

“On March 12, 2020, then Mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage, Ethan
Berkowitz, executed a Proclamation of Emergency (COVID-19). For a period of over one year, the residents of Anchorage have lived under a ‘state of civil emergency.’

The continuing emergency orders have stripped the citizens of Anchorage of
their inherent fundamental rights. Anchorage citizens’ daily activities have been dictatorially micromanaged and restricted by these overzealous executive orders infringing on the most basic freedoms. These rights are being denied due to unfounded fear and intentional manipulation.”

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