Make Americans Free Again

The New Normal:
Citizens In Charge

Build A Tribe

Build a group of 2-100 people who meet regularly in person and agree to help one another to survive in these troubled times.

Our Litigation

We were the first to file lawsuits against the creators of SARS-CoV-2: EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, Ian Lipkin and Ralph Baric.

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Informed on COVID

For the first time, a collection of fully vetted (meaning all postings are fact-checked and proven to be true) COVID- and public health/government-related articles, videos, and documents – all in one place!!

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Make Our Voices Heard

We’re Taking Our Country Back! And We Are Winning!

Join us! Together we can protect our families, help our neighbors and save our country!

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Get Started


  • Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) was founded in 2020 when we realized that our government, and the people and policies that led to the COVID-19 debacle, could not be fixed.
  • Our solution has been to build a “parallel society” to counter our current totalitarian government.
  • The parallel society creates structures that respect the laws but in which the ruling powers become an insignificant part of our daily lives.

Healthcare Professionals Initiative

It is time to stop the unrelenting attack on both licensed and unlicensed health professionals!

MAFA Academy

The MAFA Academy is free and available only to Make Americans Free Again members. Live Academy classes are held periodically. Classes are recorded and placed on a platform; MAFA members have ongoing access to this platform.


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Support Wellness Forum Health

If you wish to support this movement, visit our parent site to purchase memberships, courses, food, and other products.

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