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Paul Thomas Fundraiser

Dr. Paul Thomas is an Oregon pediatrician who has been a champion for parental informed consent concerning medical care for children. In 2016 he published The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health to assist parents in making evidence-based choices about vaccines.

After tracking the health and vaccine status of his pediatric patients for decades, Dr. Thomas co-authored an article showing that the healthiest children in his practice were not vaccinated. In response, the Oregon State Medical Board revoked his license to practice medicine, without due process.

On behalf of Dr. Thomas, MAFA lawyer Steve Joncus has sued the Oregon State Medical Board and its members personally for their actions. This is an important case that will most likely be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court. Medical boards have been overstepping their regulatory bounds for decades, but since 2020 they’ve completely gone rogue. It’s time to reign in this behavior and make medical boards accountable for their actions.

Want to contribute to Dr. Thomas’ defense? Make a donation online (suggested amount $25, but any amount is appreciated) and email We will send the link for you to watch a lecture delivered by Dr. Thomas on childhood vaccines. He has also graciously allowed us to provide you with his slide set, which includes considerable research findings concerning vaccines.

Harrington v Andrew Russ MD, Lincoln Health Medical and MaineHealth

Vaccine clinics at schools are becoming more common. So is disrespect for parental authority. An elementary school in Maine sent a letter to parents announcing that a COVID vaccine clinic would be held at the school. The letter stated that no children would be vaccinated without written parental permission. A follow-up text was sent a few days prior to the clinic, again stating that no children would be vaccinated without parental consent. The Harringtons did not sign a consent form.

On November 12 2021, 5-year-old Jaxon Harrington, who suffers from a disability requiring speech therapy and who was unable to defend himself, was given the Pfizer Bio-NTech COVID vaccine without permission at school. When he arrived home, he was visibly distressed and irritated. What makes this even more egregious is that Dr. Russ knew the family – he was their pediatrician.

MAFA lawyer Ron Jenkins filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the healthcare systems that were involved in the vaccine clinic at school. The Harringtons have filed a complaint with the Maine Medical Board against Dr. Russ. While we represent the Harrington family, this case affects all families in the U.S. Until and unless there are significant consequences, we can expect more of this behavior.

Want to help fund this lawsuit? Make a donation online (suggested amount $25, but any amount is appreciated) and email We will send the link for you to watch an interview with the parents and Ron Jenkins. You’ll learn more about the laws that govern parental consent and why they need to be clarified by the courts.