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Here, we proudly present the inspiring individuals at the heart of our legal battles. These brave plaintiffs have taken a stand for justice, and their unwavering commitment to upholding what’s right has been nothing short of extraordinary.

In this collection of virtual fundraisers, we offer you a glimpse into the stories that have driven our pursuit of truth and fairness. Through captivating video presentations, you’ll hear firsthand accounts from the plaintiffs themselves, shedding light on the issues they’ve faced and the challenges they’ve overcome.

As you watch these compelling narratives, we hope you’ll find yourself moved by their resilience and motivated to support our cause. Together, we can Make Americans Free Again.

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    Creighton University COVID Vaccine Mandates

    Creighton University is a private Jesuit university in Nebraska, and considered to be one of the best in the country. Like many universities, Creighton mandated COVID vaccines for all students and made almost no exceptions. Many students were injured as a result. Some of them were injured by the vaccine, which they agreed to take to continue their education. Others were forced to pause their education at great expense. And some students decided to change schools, forfeiting tuition that had already been paid and/or being unable to transfer all of the credits they had already earned to their new schools.

    MAFA lawyers represent a group of students who were harmed by Creighton policies in a lawsuit against the school. One student was almost finished with law school and thus decided to take the jab since she was so close to graduation. As a result, she cannot walk or drive right now due to injury. A student in Creighton’s dental school was forced to drop out until the mandate had been rescinded, and she lost earnings as a result of postponing the opening of her practice as previously scheduled are well over $100,000.

    This series of events took place in schools all over the country, and there are no laws to prevent it from happening again. In fact, the Republican governor of Ohio just vetoed a line item in the Ohio budget bill that would have prohibited vaccine mandates by colleges and universities in Ohio. So much for depending on our government to fix itself!!

    The only remedy for these students and to prevent this from happening again is litigation, and MAFA lawyers are suing Creighton on behalf of the injured students.

    Meet the plaintiffs and listen to their compelling stories:

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    Vaccination Without Parental Consent at School in Maine

    MAFA lawyer Ron Jenkins is representing parents who have filed a complaint with the Maine Medical Board against a doctor for giving their 5-year-old son a COVID-19 vaccine at school without their permission! What makes this case even more egregious is that the doctor who administered the shot to the child was the family pediatrician, who had already been told “no” when the COVID shots had been discussed for all three children in the doctor’s office – on numerous occasions.

    During this session, you will meet the parents and hear their story. Attorney Jenkins will discuss the challenges associated with litigating this case, which will most likely be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

    This case is important for several reasons. First, we must restore respect for parental authority over minor children. And also because the courts need to determine the limits of the PREP Act. Some health professionals and government bureaucrats believe that there should be no limits – public health officials and medical professionals should have unlimited authority to do anything they choose. We disagree, and we think the courts ultimately will too.

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    Paul Thomas MD Licensure Revocation for Promoting Parental Choice re Vaccinations

    Dr. Paul Thomas is the author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan for Parents. He has spent his entire career advocating for informed parent choice. He collected data from his practice on fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and unvaccinated children and published an article in a peer-reviewed journal. In response, the Oregon Medical Board revoked his license – without due process.

    MAFA lawyer Steve Joncus has filed a lawsuit against the Oregon State medical board and its members personally for the actions taken against Dr. Thomas. MAFA lawyers are the first to file such a lawsuit, and it’s important since medical boards in all states are taking similar actions against doctors.

    Meet Dr. Thomas and learn about the risks associated with childhood vaccines and also more about how he has been punished for telling the truth:

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    Interview of Attorney Patricia Finn, The Good Health Lawyer

    New York lawyer Patricia Finn discusses the New York Police Department case concerning vaccine mandates which is headed to the Supreme Court

    EcoHealth Alliance et al

    MAFA lawyers have filed several against the creators of SARS-CoV-2. The defendants named so far in these lawsuits are:

    • Peter Daszak (head of EcoHealth Alliance) and his wife, Janet Cottingham 
    • EcoHealth Alliance
    • Ralph Baric
    • Ian Lipkin
    • And Defendants Jane and John Does 1-100.

    Defendants Does #1-#100 include, but are not limited to: governments, government officials, military personnel, scientists, professors, hospital organizations, hospitals, medical providers, elected officials, and other individuals who conspired with the aforementioned defendants and/or are responsible for Plaintiff’s severe injuries, death, and the cover-up of said virus and its origins.

    Some of the specific claims made:

    General negligence – the defendants knew that coronaviruses infected humans and caused severe acute respiratory symptoms (SARS), injury and death; and they knew that these viruses could cause worldwide pandemics. Yet they chose to engage directly and indirectly through their agents in dangerous gain of function research.

    Breach – defendants breached their duty of care as outlined in the Inspector General’s January 2023 report. They ignored significant warnings about safety, and allowed lax biosecurity standards at the WIV to continue. They failed to conduct adequate risk assessments, failed to monitor and hold researchers including Shi Zhengli at the WIV accountable, failed to complete and submits reports on time.

    Causation – defendants collected, transported, stockpiled, stored, generated, and modified viruses with others who were engaged in the coronavirus research funded by the defendants, including Dr. Shi Zheng-Li and other scientists at the WIV laboratories. As a result, SARS-CoV-2 escaped the controlled laboratory environment, infected human beings, spread throughout the human population in a global pandemic, and infected and seriously injured the plaintiffs.

    Here is an interview with plaintiff Melissa Carr, whose husband died of COVID, and Attorney Patricia Finn on Fox and Friends: 

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