Since 2020, MAFA has led the way on ground-breaking litigation:

  • We were FIRST to challenge the emergency declaration – in several states
  • We were FIRST to start defending health professionals against regulatory actions of licensure boards
  • We were FIRST to file a lawsuit against a state medical board and its board  members personally.
  • We were FIRST to challenge the vax passports – in New York and in Boston
  • AND most important – we were the first to file lawsuits against the creators of SARS-CoV-2: EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, Ian Lipkin and Ralph Baric.

    We have filed two lawsuits against these defendants who are ultimately responsible for the devastation experienced by the entire world during the last three years. ALL families of anyone who died of COVID are potential plaintiffs. We intend to file more lawsuits – in several states and representing more and more plaintiffs.

    PA Courts Ruling Lockdown Unconstitutional

    Other MAFA Litigation:

    • New!! MAFA-funded attorney Ron Jenkins is now representing the family of a child given a COVID vaccine at school without parental permission!
    • New! MAFA lawyers in Nebraska are representing college students who were faced with COVID-19 vaccine mandates as a condition of attending school. Some lost considerable income because dropping out caused them to delay starting their professional practices. Others were injured because they took the jab to stay in school and now will not be able to pursue their careers.
    • We represent employees fired from the Massachusetts Steamship Authority after their religious exemptions were denied.
    • We represent 106 plaintiffs against Geisinger Health in PA, which mandated vaccines before the federal order was issued. A component of this case is that the vaccines could not be mandated under the EUA.
    • Case against Beth Israel Hospital for refusal to recognize and accept religious exemptions.
    • Case against DHHS re changed guidelines for completing death certificates resulting in inflated deaths due to COVID.
    • Cases challenging the emergency declaration in several states
    • Lawsuit against the Mayor and Health Director for the city of Boston re vax passports. Restrictions lifted, suing for money damages.
    • Lawsuit against the City of New York re vax passports. Restrictions lifted but case still working through the courts – we must make sure that this never happens again, which is the justification for instating on a trial.
    • Lawsuit against the City of New York regarding forced vax for police officers.
    • School mask case in New York. Government attempts to get the case dismissed have failed.
    • Representing docs re licensure board issues in several states. The list of docs in trouble grows weekly. We’ve restored licenses that have been revoked, ended investigations quickly in some cases, and prevented suspension or revocation in many cases.
      NOTE: Some of the doctors we have successfully defended or are defending are well-known. We cannot talk about these cases without permission from the client, and some are not willing to draw any more attention to themselves at this time. We’ll let you know who our clients are when we can. For example, we restored Dr. Gosselin’s license in Maine, we represent Dr. Paul Thomas in Oregon, and Scott Miller in Washington State.
    • Dozens of lawsuits and legal actions pertaining to wrongful termination or threat of termination due to refusal to get the vax in several states.

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