Build A Local Tribe: Survive and Thrive During Uncertain Times

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A tribe is a group of 2-100 people who meet regularly in person and agree to help one another to survive in these troubled times. Issues have changed during the last few years, but now include:

  • Friends and social support
  • Commitment to continuity of religious observation and holidays – regardless of government “rules”
  • Support for home schooling and alternative education systems – away from transgender ideology, mandatory vaccines, inferior academics, woke culture, unhealthy school lunches
  • Food security (and affordable food!)
    • Local groups can arrange to purchase produce, organic animal foods (free from mRNA injections) from local farmers
    • Community gardens, canning projects, collaboration for food storage
  • Disaster planning – in advance! Train derailments, natural disasters, emergency declarations leading to lockdowns and restrictions (it WILL happen again!) financial crash/depression are real threats!
  • Support for elderly people – KEEP THEM IN THEIR OWN HOMES AND OUT OF CARE HOMES!
  • Local exchange
    • People looking for jobs
    • Businesses needing support
    • Members helping members with anything and everything
  • Raising money to fund coordinated, strategic litigation designed to restore our rights and to get justice: The people who perpetrated COVID-related crimes must pay for what they did!
  • Healthcare - identify and support doctors who are independent from the system and do not report to the government
  • Formation of a new healthcare system that functions