MAFA Academy

Welcome to MAFA Academy!  

The purpose of the Academy is to provide MAFA members educational topics on things that are affecting our daily lives.  Each week MAFA invites various guests to present information ranging from medical case law, growing and preparing food, homeschooling, as well as ways to navigate the world of money and finance.  So, sign up and join us, IT’s FREE!


  • Sessions are offered every Monday Evenings at 8 PM EST
  • They last about 1 hour with a question-and-answer period afterward
  • People from all 4 time zones will be joining in
  • The Sessions will take place on ZOOM

Follow these steps to enroll in MAFA Academy if you have not yet joined MAFA:

  1. BECOME A MEMBER OF MAFA:  Register by clicking in the upper right-hand corner on the big red box labelled “JOIN US” then return to this page.
  2. Click the button below and complete the form to sign up. This captures your email in our MAFA Academy server which will send an invite a few hours prior to each session

ABOUT ZOOM:  Zoom is both a web-based application that can be viewed on any web browser or the program can be downloaded onto a computer, tablet or smart phone as an APP

If you are already a member of MAFA, you will need to set up a login to the MAFA Academy. To do that, visit MAFA Academy.    

Once those steps are completed, we will receive your request to join the Academy. Once we verify your MAFA membership, we will accept your request.  The Monday night Zoom call info will be posted and emailed out on Mondays prior to the call.


(WEB BROWSER) steps to enter a MAFA Academy Session:

  1. Open the email sent to you by MAFA Academy
  2. Click on the hyperlink just beneath “Join Zoom Meeting”
  3. Zoom should start automatically in your web browser
  4. Follow the various prompts
  5. The ZOOM host will usually open the meeting 5 minutes prior

(APP SOFTWARE) steps to enter a MAFA Academy Session:

  1. Start “ZOOM” on your device
  2. Select “JOIN”
  3. Copy the Meeting ID from the email into the Meeting ID block
  4. Copy or type the “Passcode” into the Meeting Passcode block
  5. Wait for the zoom host to open the meeting

Session Etiquette

  1. Be courteous to the presenters: They are MAFA members just like you but have information they have been asked to present to the groups.
  2. Mute your Mike (strongly encouraged): Bottom left-hand corner on ZOOM. Dogs barking, kids playing or phones ringing will be heard by all and can be distracting for the presenters.  Un-Mute only when asking a question during Q&A
  3. Stop Video (optional): Bottom left-hand corner on Zoom. Stop your video if you wish to not be seen during the presentation.  Turn it on during the Q&A so the group and the presenter can see who is asking the question.
  4. Chat Room: You may type questions or comments in the “Chat” section. Understand that a presenter will usually not see these while presenting.  A moderator will monitor chats and may interrupt the presenter if a question warrants explanation.  It’s best to save questions for the Q&A.

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