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Legal Resources

We must flood the legal system with cases to fight the draconian measures introduced as a result of COVID-19. Features of the Legal Resources page include: 
  • Seek lawyers willing to represent COVID-19-related cases; 
  • Download complaints to serve as a template for cases in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Read good news of legal cases won! 
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Recent Lawsuits

Read up on the latest lawsuits happening across the country against the growing state. We have categorized lawsuits into various topics so you can educate yourself on what you are most interested in. 

Please use the sections below to navigate to the various lawsuit categories. 

Government Mandates

Center for American Liberty Sues Governor Ige for Unconstitutional COVID-19 Emergency Orders

Also, per the website the quarantine has been extended to 8/31. A pretest program that was supposed to go into place August 1 had been postponed to September 1. This will eliminate the need for the 14 day quarantine. The guidelines require visitors to have completed a NAAT test by a CLIA lab.

One must test negative no more than 72 hours in advance of travel. If one plans to travel to Hawaii it is advisable to go to the website to see if this test will be in place or postponed yet again since it was supposed to be in place August 1.

The Center for American Liberty along with the Dhillon Law Group and attorney James Hochberg have filed a lawsuit against Hawaii Governor Ige on behalf of four plaintiffs. The lawsuit cites that Governor Ige made an emergency proclamation on March 4 which is still in place. Hawaii law limits the governor’s emergency powers to 60 days and can only order those with or suspected of having a disease to be quarantined. This order quarantines all visitors to the islands for 14 days.

Bailey V Pritzker Motion for Leave to File Amended Pleading First Amended-Complaint

Early in July, Illinois Circuit Court Judge Michael McHaney ruled “all citizens of Illinois” are free from Governor Pritzker’s orders. The governor’s powers lapsed 30 days after he declared COVID-19 a disaster and all orders after April 8 pertaining to it.

Only the Illinois Department of Public Health and local health departments have authority to limit peoples’ movements or close businesses. However, this requires extensive legal steps and places the burden of proof upon those departments.

Class Action Against Newsom Const. Rights

The Superior Court has subject matter jurisdiction and over the case and personal jurisdiction over the Respondents because all parties are within the State of California, the effects of the actions complained of are within California, the Respondents are government officials and agencies of California, and the substance of the Petition is the governmental authority and actions of the California government over persons residing in California.

In the present case, those affected in exactly the same manner and extent are most of the approximately 39.5 million citizens and residents of the State of California, excluding only those who might be made explicitly exempt from Executive Order N-33-20 as essential governmental personnel or officials such as law enforcement, and those actually ill.

Lawsuit Against Minnesota Governor Re: Emergency Powers

Minnesota State Representatives Steve Drazkowski, Cal Bahr, Tim Miller, and Jeremy Munson are filing a lawsuit to challenge Governor Walz’s authority to declare a peacetime emergency and unilaterally write laws.

The Governor usurped the authority of the Minnesota Legislature and the checks and balances provided by the Minnesota Constitution for our three branches of government when he unilaterally declared a peacetime emergency and issued himself the power to write laws with enforcement powers.

Churches, gunshops, irked parents and irate brides: All the shutdown lawsuits against Newsom, explained

social gathering

Mark Meuser with the Dhillon Law Firm in San Francisco has filed 11 lawsuits against Governor Newsom. Many relate to the shutdown order. Three of the lawsuits are before the Ninth Circuit Court on an expedited hearing schedule.

On the link, Mr. Meuser explains our constitutional rights set forth with our Founding Fathers. He says some governors are using unauthorized police powers that exceed the limits they have. He is based out of the Dhillon Law Firm in San Francisco 415-433-1700.

Over 30 lawsuits have been filed against Governor as a result of the shutdown. They cover a wide range from churches, parents, gun shops, even a bride. Many of the lawsuits are being brought by the Dhillon Law Firm (Harmeet K. Dhillon) in San Francisco 415-433-1700.


Lt. Governor Files Lawsuit Against Governor for Violating Emergency Management Act

North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest filed a lawsuit again Governor Roy Cooper on July 1 for violating the Emergency Management Act.

Forest cites “The Governor has repeatedly ignored the law, enacting mandates that selectively target the business and citizens of North Caroline without concurrence from a majority of the Council of State”.


Mask Lawsuit In Palm Beach County

This action stems from the Defendant Palm Beach County’s infringement upon well-settled constitutionally protected freedoms of over a million Palm Beach County residents and visitors, including but not limited to our constitutional and fundamental human right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

Despite having no authority, actual or apparent, under Florida law to do so, Defendant has recklessly required countless American citizens and Florida residents, including the Plaintiffs, to submit to dangerous medical treatments with well-known risks and potential for serious injuries and death, including being forced to wear harmful medical devices like masks.

La. Atty. Gen. Masks Unconstitutional

Ohio Bar Association Opinion Re: Sale of Masks


Under Ohio Consumer Laws, you can now bring a lawsuit against any retail establishment selling or manufacturing Face Masks or Facial Coverings for the purpose of virus protection. 

You can now file lawsuits against anyone selling a facial covering that has not been Medically Approved to filter contagious diseases. This includes any Homemade or Factory-made mask.

Statement On DeWine’s Mask Mandate

Yes, the Governor’s Selective Mask Mandate is Unconstitutional (in several ways). Read the document to learn how.

Kentucky Supreme Court keeps Gov. Andy Beshear’s coronavirus orders in place for now

mask sanitizer

Lawsuits were filed by Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, Scott County Circuit Court Judge Brian Privett and backed by Attorney General Daniel Cameron against Governor Andy Beshear for his mask mandate that went into effect July 17.

Commissioner Quarles was filing due to the impact on 548 agritourism businesses. However, the Kentucky State Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of the Governor which impacts all businesses, not just the agritourism.

The Court in part stated “… stay of all orders of injunctive relief until such time as various orders are properly before the Court …” A.G. Cameron respects the Court’s order until it can take up the proceedings.

Civil Case for the Eastern District of Virginia | Alexandria Division

Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing Southern District Texas

Model Open Letter/Editorial RE: Contact Tracing & the Supreme Court

The people of (STATE) will be forced to pay enormous court fees and settlements if our counties continue with their proposed plans for COVID Contact Tracing. 

I watch the county meetings because it is important to me to know what my government is doing with the COVID-19 situation. Recently, counties across (STATE) have been speaking to medical professionals and data scientists about Contact Tracing. The methods our counties propose to employ should be genuinely concerning to every taxpayer.

Business Closure

Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against Whitmer for the “Takings” of Gyms

Philip L. Ellison, Esq. filed a lawsuit against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer on behalf of The Gym 24/7 Fitness, LLC located in Alma, MI. Ellison’s office number is 989-642-0055. Yvette Franco-Clark is owner of the business. The link only shows the cover letter to the Governor with a date of July 20, 2020. Attached is the link showing that.

Attorney Challenges Cuomo’s Lockdown In Class-Action Lawsuit

Attorney James Mermigis, in Syosset, NY, is representing hundreds of gym owners in NY in a class action suit for $500M against Governor Cuomo, state attorney general, and the state of NY. Primary plaintiff is Thousand Island Fitness Center. SC Fitness owner, Charlie Cassara, is getting press coverage along with Mr. Mermigis (see links below).

The suit alleges equal protection and due process of 14th amendment as well as takings clause under 5th amendment were violated along with state law. I mentioned discrimination because as of 7/25 gyms still are not open yet spas, retail, and other businesses are. Lawsuit says there is “no rational basis” since the governor has said the virus is contained. They are seeking an injunction of the executive order which would allow gyms to reopen.

You can contact Mr. Mermigis at 516-353-0075 or on Messenger at The Mermigis Law Group, P.C.

Group of NC gym owners who want to reopen file lawsuit against Gov. Roy Cooper

On May 27 nine North Carolina gym owners filed a lawsuit against Governor Roy Cooper. The state went into Phase 2 on May 22 but gyms were excluded. The suit is seeking a temporary restraining order to keep the governor from enforcing his executive order.

A Facebook group called ReOpen NC’s Health Clubs has been formed. Attorney, Chuck Kitchen, with Kitchen & Turrentine, PLLC is representing the group. His office is located in Raleigh (888) 308-3708. Phase 2 has now been extended to August 7. Some gym owners are holding classes via Zoom or outdoors in the interim.

Bars and restaurants sue Columbus over city ordinance forcing 10 p.m. closures

Late Monday, July 27, attorney Ed Hastie filed a lawsuit against the City of Columbus, Ohio which passed an ordinance earlier that day that mandated all bars and restaurants must close at 10 p.m. Judge Mark Serrott issued a temporary injunction.

Later in the week the Ohio Liquor Control Commission ruled all bars and restaurants must stop selling alcohol at 10:00 p.m. and all alcohol must be consumed by 11:00 p.m. Hastie filed a lawsuit against the Commission. On August 5 Judge Kim Brown denied the request for the temporary restraining order against the Commission. Hastie’s office number is 614-488-2800.

Judicial ruling in favor of group of AZ gym owners who filed suit against Governor Douglas Ducey to reopen

On August 4, 2020 Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy J. Thomason ruled that the implementation of Gov. Douglas Ducey’s Executive Order shutting down gyms, violated procedural due process.

Judge Thomason ordered the Governor to provide the gyms “a prompt opportunity to apply for reopening. The process for doing so must be in place within one week from the date of entry of this Order. The Executive Orders, however, do not violate substantive due process.”

Group of AZ bar owners who want to reopen file lawsuit against Governor Douglas Ducey

On July 9, 2020 dozens of Arizona bar owners filed suit against Governor Ducey after he ordered their businesses closed by Executive Order.

In their lawsuit, the owners argue:

  1. the Arizona statute by which the Governor assumed the authority to issue Executive Orders, is itself an unconstitutional delegation of legislative power,
  2. The statutory authority to quarantine and otherwise act during an outbreak of a contagious disease, is given to the Governor elsewhere in Arizona law, but does not give the Governor authority to shut down Arizona businesses,
  3. the Executive Orders violate the Arizona Constitution’s Privileges and Immunities Clause by mandating the closure of certain businesses, while allowing others to remain open, and
  4. shutting down the businesses deprived the bar owners of due process.  

The owners are represented by Illan Wurman who filed suit in Phoenix, AZ with the Supreme Court of Arizona.


ICAN Complaint Against NIH Re COVID Vaccines


A novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) has resulted in federal government officials recommending numerous restrictions on everyday life in America. In response, all fifty states have implemented the recommended restrictions to varying degrees, many of which press deeply upon cherished fundamental constitutional rights. 

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID”) is at the center of the federal government’s response to COVID-19. NIAID is an institute within the National Institutes of Health (“Defendant” or “NIH”). Dr. Anthony S. Fauci serves as NIAID’s Director.

Dr. Fauci has repeatedly asserted that “[f]inding a safe and effective vaccine to prevent infection with SARS-CoV-2 is an urgent public health priority.”1 To that end, NIAID has been funding and leading the development of mRNA-1273, the first vaccine for COVID-19 to enter into clinical trials

Lawsuit Against State of NY for Denying Vaccine Exemptions


This lawsuit arises because the defendants and their similarly situated colleagues have adopted policies, procedures, and practices which arbitrarily narrow and place unreasonable burdens on the availability of medical exemptions to the mandatory school immunization requirements for medically fragile children who need them.

As a result, hundreds of medically fragile children across New York State have been expelled from school and denied vital services and programming after their medical exemptions written by licensed treating physicians are overruled by school administrators with no medical training. 

ICAN Action to Require Placebo Controlled Trials for Vaccines

Enclosed is an Amended Citizen Petition filed by Del Bigtree and the Informed Consent Action Network (“ICAN”) regarding clinical trials of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 which raise exigent concerns that demand your immediate attention.

ICAN looks forward to receiving a timely decision and we, as counsel to the petitioners, remain available to answer questions and provide any relevant additional information.

American Freedom Information Center


We are a group of lawyers and citizen volunteers arranged around the concept of spreading knowledge about forced vaccine laws. It is our hope that that knowledge will be the spark to cause concerned citizens to hold their political leaders accountable on these laws – and request changes.

Our group of lawyers is working on researching and cataloging forced vaccine laws and letting the public know these laws exist, what they say and about end-runs around these laws.

We are working on an article that will display these laws and legal analysis on forced vaccine laws so people know what is out there. We don’t believe anyone else as published such a directory on this issue.

We are organized through a Facebook group called the “America Freedom Information Center”, a soon to be formed 501(c)(4) non-profit, and emails and other communications between our group members.

We welcome other lawyers to join our research and writing efforts (that may lead to litigation in the future). We also have volunteer roles for concerned citizens that want to do factual research or help spread awareness to others.



California families file lawsuit against Gov. Newsom over distance learning restrictions for schools

The Center for American Liberty files lawsuit against Governor Newsom over guidelines as to which schools will be allowed to resume in-class instruction.

Currently, 30 of the state’s 58 counties would not be allowed per the guidelines set by the state. The lawsuit is advocating for parent choice between distance learning and in-class instruction.

OC Board of Education announces lawsuit against California over school closures

Orange County Board of Education voted 4-0 to seek a court order against Governor Newsom and the Public Health Officer regarding holding in-person classes.

Tyler & Bursch, LLC are handling the case pro bono and are supported by Advocates for Faith and Freedom. Jennifer Bursch filed the lawsuit “to protect single moms…, children whose parents do not read or write English and children with special needs.” Tyler & Bursch, LLC’s phone number is 951-600-2733. Orange County’s School Superintendent Mijares is “disappointed” with this action.


ACLJ Files Major Lawsuit Challenging California Ban on Singing in Church


Three churches in Northern California are suing Governor Newsom and various Public Health Officers due to order prohibiting singing and chanting in places of worship which was issued July 1.

Advocates for Faith and Freedom (951-304-7583), National Center for Law and Policy (760-747-4529), American Center for Law and Justice (, and Tyler & Bursch, LLC (951-600-2733) are representing the churches.

They are asking for a restraining order and injunction relief based on the First and Fourteenth Amendments.




The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons filed a lawsuit against Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA for “irrational interference” by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine. 

“Never in history have we seen such a determined effort by the scientific community and pharmaceutical industry to downplay and lie about the use of a successful drug to treat a deadly disease. Hydroxychloroquine is the first choice in a study of 6,000 doctors treating the coronavirus.

In the field and in independent testing hydroxychloroquine displayed amazing results in treating the COVID-19 virus. So why are Dr. Fauci and the FDA fighting so hard to stop this treatment from being used?

Attorneys and Organizations Filing Lawsuits

center for american liberty

Center For American Liberty

“As we have observed a coordinated assault on our civil liberties and freedoms from certain corporations, politicians, socialist revolutionaries, and inept or biased government actors, we have decided to fight back and defend our fundamental, constitutionally-enshrined rights from the forces set out to destroy the foundations of what makes the United States of America exceptional. “

center for american liberty

Alliance Defending Freedom

On January 31, 1994, more than 30 Christian leaders came together to build a ministry that would defend your religious freedom—before it was too late.

These founders knew that it would take an alliance to keep the doors open for the Gospel in the United States.

Constitutional Law Group 2.0

Constitutional Law Group

The Constitutional Law Group is a nationwide network of Constitutional Lawyers that are masters in the knowledge of the Constitution that defend The People of the United States of America, safeguarding their Unalienable Rights from the trespasses of government.


SSB America

We are a group of Patriotic Small Business leaders (Tech Companies, Marketers, Oath Keepers etc.) who came together to support other small businesses around America.

Mask Exemption Signs

Religious Exemption Information Card

My prayer is that this card will bless all those who use it and read it.

We are born with God-given rights that the Constitution protects.

Here is the LINK to the Federal Civil Right Law, which protects your ability to have free and equal access to all public accommodations.

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