Healthcare Professionals Initiative

Protecting Responsible Practitioners: A Make Americans Free Again Initiative

A Message for Licensed and Unlicensed Healthcare Providers

Why do practitioners need protection?

  • More and more licensed health professionals are forbidden to talk about certain medical treatments – like hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and zinc for treating COVID-19. They often lose their jobs, are investigated by licensure boards, and their licenses are suspended or revoked for prescribing effective drugs for the treatment of COVID-19 or for writing legitimate vaccine exemptions. Their reputations are often destroyed by hit pieces in the media, and de-platformed by Big Tech.
  • Unlicensed health professionals – like naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, body workers, and others – are prosecuted for unlicensed practice by these same boards, and are also attacked by the media and Big Tech.

It is time to stop the unrelenting attack on both licensed and unlicensed health professionals!

Introducing the Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) Healthcare Legal Defense Fund

One of the reasons why licensure boards, employers, unethical healthcare professionals and Big Tech and the media get away with these behaviors is the expense of fighting back. Few health professionals have the resources to defend themselves, file lawsuits, or organize on their own. Typical medical malpractice insurance provides limited or no coverage for the defense of these proceedings.

Many insurers select attorneys who will not rock the boat and drive up defense costs with aggressive defense strategies. The deck is stacked against the practitioner, with the Board acting as investigator, judge and jury. Losers are often required to reimburse the state for the privilege of being persecuted.

There is strength in numbers!!

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are over 22 million licensed healthcare workers in the U.S. Many complementary and alternative practitioners are not licensed, so it is not possible to know how many there are in the U.S.

But The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reported in 2016 that Americans spent over $32 billion on alternative approaches annually. Based on these numbers it is likely that there are at least one million alternative providers in the U.S.

If just 5% of all of these practitioners remit dues of just $100 annually: we will have a “war chest” of $115 million dollars per year to help defend practitioners against the assault on their livelihoods.

Here is what we will do with this Fund:

  • While the Fund is not a form of insurance, and must reserve the right to select the cases in which to invest for maximum policy effect in its sole and absolute discretion, it will defend licensed and unlicensed practitioners who have done nothing wrong or where the punishment does not fit the so-called crime against overregulation and attacks from state licensure boards, federal agencies, and other regulatory bodies
  • Sue social media companies, media companies, networks, and others for censoring, de-platforming, libel, and slander when healthcare practitioners have been attacked
  • Sue hospitals, medical institutions and academic centers that discipline or fire healthcare workers or faculty for voicing their opinions about preventive healthcare and treatment
  • Work to eliminate the influence of outside organizations like the Federation of State Medical Boards and certification boards that bypass state legislatures with “guidance” for regulating practice.


We’ve already been successful!

Our lawyers have prevented licensure revocation for many doctors and restored the licenses of several, often without the usual practice restrictions the state likes to impose. MAFA’s executive staff has a long history of successfully fighting restrictions on the practices of unlicensed professionals in several states and winning some of those battles as well.

It’s time to free both licensed and unlicensed healthcare practitioners
from the tyranny that prohibits them from practicing responsibly!
Contribute to MAFA’s Healthcare Legal Defense Fund today!

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