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Michigan Supreme Court Takes Away Gov Whitmer’s Emergency Powers

Michigan Supreme Court Takes Away Whitmer’s Unilateral Emergency Powers

She’ll need legislative consent now; one-person governance ends

The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency orders are illegal and unconstitutional.

Breitbart News


Adams County Idaho Commissioners End COVID-19 Restrictions

“Legislators don’t need to be the ones that push back against overreaching governors. On Monday, October 19, the Adams County Board of Commissioners in Idaho rescinded “all orders, recommendations, and restrictions put in place by policies relating to Covid-19.” They further declared that “Adams County is open for business and back to normal. “

empire state building

Laws Regarding Face Masks in New York State

There is no legal basis to apply a facial covering mandate that goes beyond the CDC’s own recommendations and is not supported by Governor Cuomo’s executive orders in that it forces an individual that is unable to medically tolerate a facial covering, to wear a facial covering



Dr. Fuellmich provides clear and rational analysis of today’s world wide psychological manipulation applications.

Michigan Supreme Court Takes Away Gov Whitmer’s Emergency Powers

Pennsylvania Restaurant Defies Governor’s Orders and Wins in Court!

Lebanon County restaurant wins lawsuit against Gov. Tom Wolf

Taste of Sicily, a Lebanon County restaurant has won a lawsuit against Governor Tom Wolf.

This comes after opening to full capacity back in May during the yellow phase of Governor Wolf’s restrictions.


Ohio Stands Up! Lawsuit

Ohioans fight to restore their rights 

Determined to restore the Constitutional rights that have been stripped away by the State of Ohio’s unjustified actions regarding COVID-19, Ohio Stands Up! has filed suit in the Northern District of Ohio Federal Court to remove the emergency order. The group is represented by Thomas Renz and Robert Gargasz.

Updates to the Ohio Stands Up! lawsuit against the State of Ohio and its unconstitutional COVID-19 response


'He doesn't pay the bills' | Why some Metro East restaurants are ignoring Pritzker's new order

Ashley Driemeyer says she lost $3,500 during the last closure, money she can’t afford to lose again. So she’s keeping her dining room open despite a new state order.

“We complied the first time around,” she said. “We did our due diligence, but there was nothing that there to help us now.


Large Church Gatherings Open to All

We’re back, and we’ve missed you!

“We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the re-opening of our doors for in-person services.

As we come back together to worship, we want you to know that your safety is our utmost priority. We are providing several service options to accommodate social distancing and each individual’s comfort level.

Please read below for updated service times, locations, guidelines, and safety measures we’re taking as we open up church.”


Anti-vaccine protesters clash with police in London | Coronavirus

Protesters clash with police in Trafalgar Square during an anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown demonstration.

businesses coming back

Florida moving into phase 3 of reopening with no limits on restaurants

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Friday that the state is moving into phase 3 of reopening and he is lifting all capacity restrictions on restaurants.

His order allows restaurants across Florida to immediately reopen at full capacity — and prevents cities and counties from ordering restaurants to close without justifying it for economic or health reasons.

Mike DeWine

Ohio Governor Removes State’s Power to Close Houses of Worship

Governor DeWine has not ordered churches to close during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, Ohio governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 272 into law that prohibits any public officials like himself from having the authority to close houses of worship within the state, including particular parts of the state.


Commentary: I’m the El Cajon mayor. Here’s why our police have not been enforcing pandemic-related laws.

Mayor Uses Empathy and Respects Citizens’ Rights Instead of Following Mandates 

Last Friday, as the mayor of El Cajon, I brought the City Council together for a special meeting to discuss police enforcement of laws and regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic. We decided as a city we don’t want to pick the winners and losers in this pandemic and that we want “people to be treated gently and with understanding of their situation.”


Judge Rules that PA Governor’s COVID-19 Restrictions are Unconstitutional!

Attorney reacts after judge rules COVID-19 restrictions by Gov. Wolf, Dr. Levine ‘unconstitutional’

Court order

Pennsylvania opinion

Off Guardian

columbus ohio

Judge rejects Wolf’s request for stay on shutdown ruling

Judge Refuses Emperor Wolf’s Request for a Stay on Ruling Regarding Unconstitutional Orders

A federal judge on Tuesday denied a request by Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration to stay an order striking down key COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the governor on public gatherings pending an appeal before the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Dolores Cahill Time For Change Protest Dublin

CDC data & the Governor will not go quietly

Citizens push back against the governor 

There is a group in Michigan that is working to repeal a law that gives the governor endless state of emergency powers. It is a petition that to date has over 300,000 signatures and it is an attempt to get back to a constitutional republic in Michigan and to share the truth about COVID 19.

Canadian Flag | Canada is Waking Up and Taking Action!

Canada is Waking Up and Taking Action!

Legal Action Commencing Against the BC Government in Response to the Extreme COVID Measures.

On Saturday, September 13, 2020, Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada together attended an event in Vancouver to announce the legal action against the BC government and the need to raise funds.

Mike DeWine

Idaho’s House of Representatives Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

Today lawmakers in Idaho’s House voted to advance a resolution that ends Idaho Governor Brad Little’s Coronavirus Emergency Declaration.

Idaho is now the first state where it’s constituents have voted to remove the insane coronavirus regulations put on by their governor in overwhelming fashion.

Dolores Cahill Time For Change Protest Dublin

Watch Scientist Dolores Cahill Address a HUGE Rally in Ireland!

Dolores Cahill – Time For Change Protest Dublin

Dolores Cahill Time For Change Protest Dublin

Biggest Crowd in German History Gathered to Protest Bill Gates and COVID Restrictions on August 29

Germans are rising up against Bill Gates, demanding humanity wake up and reject the self-styled “world health dictator“, as well as corrupt Big Pharma and the elite who are driving the world towards “global totalitarianism” and “slavery.”

Mike DeWine

Idaho’s House of Representatives Votes to End Coronavirus Emergency EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY

Today lawmakers in Idaho’s House voted to advance a resolution that ends Idaho Governor Brad Little’s Coronavirus Emergency Declaration.

Idaho is now the first state where it’s constituents have voted to remove the insane coronavirus regulations put on by their governor in overwhelming fashion.

Mike DeWine

Northam not planning on COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite support from top official

“We are focused on accessibility, affordability, and fair distribution of a vaccine—not on a mandate.”

A spokesperson for Gov. Ralph Northam said Monday he’s not planning on mandating a COVID-19 vaccine in Virginia, even though his Administration’s top health official supports the idea.


Unbelievable Mainstream News from Spain - UNREAL!

Spanish doctor sheds light on the Coronavirus pandemic

This front-line, clearly expert Spanish doctor reveals the reality around the truly massive media madness going on at the moment. He explains the actual reality, and the interviewer is thrown into confusion…!

masks mandate

Business Owner Speaks Out in Shasta county CA

A Business Owner Argues For Himself and Millions of Americans


Sheriff of Warren County Ohio Speaks Up on Behalf of Citizens!

Ohio Sheriff Sees State COVID Orders as Disorderly

masks mandate

Good Things Happen When We Do Not Wear Masks!!

Good News About Not Wearing Masks

We do NOT wear masks. I ELECT NOT to wear a mask. My wife CANNOT wear a mask. But, we are healthy and travel around here, Las Cruces (76 miles away) and El Paso, Tx (92 miles) for her integrative MD (self pay) and VA appointments….


NO MASK ORDER, Sheriff Billy Woods, Marion County, Florida

Good News As Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Mask Mandates

mask wearing

Business Manager and Customer Talk About Masks

Good News As Manager and Customer Patiently Discuss Masks

During these trying times, it’s important to remember that Americans should be on the same side. Many citizens do not like the mask mandates that business owners are coerced to enforce by the state.

masks mandate

The Only Mask Policy Sign We Should See

Good News Mask Policy From SSG

masks mandate

Martin County, FL mask order expires

Mask Ordinance Brought to An End

Martin County officials decided not to renew a mask order requiring the general public to wear face coverings where social distance was not possible. The ordinance was passed unanimously on July 7, and was valid for only 30 days. Masks are still required for employees working inside restaurants, retail store, grocery store and gyms.

masks mandate

Ocala, FL mayor vetoes emergency mask order

Make Mandate Vetoed

On Monday, August 10, 2020, Ocala mayor Kent Guinn announced that he had vetoed an emergency mask mandate that was passed last week by the Ocala city council. The ordinance would have required people to wear face masks when entering a business within city limits.


Ohio ABANDONS Its Hydroxychloroquine Ban After Public Outrage

Good News from National File

The state of Ohio has reversed its ban on the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus just hours after announcing the move. Outraged citizens pressured Republican Governor Mike DeWine to intervene and successfully shut down the ban. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced the ban to go into effect on July 30, but DeWine stepped in and snuffed out the ban Thursday.

Pennsylvania Patriots Turn Out in the Thousands

Pennsylvania Patriots Turn Out in the Thousands

Good News from Lancaster Blog

Braving sweltering summer temperatures and even higher humidity, more than a thousand patriotic Pennsylvanians took to the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg on Wednesday, calling for an end to Gov. Tom Wolf’s authoritarian lockdown of the Keystone State.


1.3 Million protest against Coronavirus measures in Berlin

Good News from Politico

Police said they would file charges against the organizer of the gathering as demonstrators had not followed hygiene rules such as maintaining social distancing or wearing a mask covering nose and mouth.

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