The New Normal:
Citizens In Charge

Make Americans Free Again

YOU can make a difference

Our liberties and freedoms are being limited and infringed. Alone you may feel helpless, together we will tackle one issue at a time.

We’re taking our country back and here’s our plan:

Short-term goal: Free Americans from government tyranny

We will assist in the development of state associations that can support these lawsuits; and help to recruit lawyers, to develop legal strategy, to identify and train expert witnesses, and to raise money.

How: By filing lawsuits like the landmark suit filed first in Ohio claiming that there is no emergency and that the government’s response and restrictions are unwarranted.

Medium-term goal: Address ALL medical mandates (includes testing and vaccines)

We will sort our database by state legislative district and work with state groups to make sure that each legislator is visited by representatives of our/your group. We will deliver lists of our registered voter members in each district and secure commitments for support based on both representation in the district and difficulty opposing InforMED consent.

How: By drafting model legislation to be introduced in each state demanding transparency/InforMED consent for all medical matters, and protecting individual rights to choose.

Long-term goals: Rebuild our country after the devastation of COVID-19

How: by focusing on two strategies:

  • providing excellent free education for economically disadvantaged children who have fallen behind as a result of failing schools AND school closures
  • developing teams of experienced businesspeople to rescue small businesses

Longer-term Goals: Design and launch a superior medical system

How: with a base of tens of millions of members, we can start our own healthcare system with features like insurance plans that cover services that promote health; networks of practitioners trained to collaborate with patients in making InforMED decisions; and treatment protocols that address the cause of disease.

Stand Up Against Unconstitutional COVID Responses

Make Americans Free Again lead counsel Tom Renz is a tireless warrior for freedom! He has addressed hundreds of thousands of people via his appearances at conferences all over the U.S.

Through media interviews, he has reached millions of people. And he leads a growing legal team that is filing lawsuits challenging ALL of the COVID nonsense. In this interview with MAFA c0founder Pam Popper, he discusses the importance of data received from military whistleblowers.


It’s an unfortunate reality that people on both sides of the COVID issue make claims that are at best exaggerated and at worse false. It’s difficult and time-consuming to check out everything you read, hear, or watch.

We do it for you! Expertly evaluated resources are all in one place, organized by category. From videos to book reviews, we save you hours of time that you would spend researching on your own. New posts are added weekly across the various sections.

You can access this information-packed website for a ONE-time fee of $169 for members of Wellness Forum Health and $199 for non-members. A portion of each subscription fee is donated to Make Americans Free Again, which means you can learn and give at the same time. Subscribe today!  

Join Our Conference Call

Contact the office or email to register for an upcoming conference call to learn how you can get involved.


Voting Issues

We are one-issue voters. Simplicity is key. We agree to vote for politicians who are for our platform and we vote out those who are not.

Support Local Businesses

We collectively agree to support struggling local businesses. By supporting one another we all grow stronger.

Homeschooling Resources

We provide resources to support parents seeking alternatives to education, so as not to submit their children to psychologically damaging draconian plans.

Lawsuits & Activism

We will connect lawyers with businesses and individuals seeking justice for infringements on civil rights.

Support Wellness Forum Health

If you wish to support this movement, visit our parent site to purchase memberships, courses, food, and other products.

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