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We’re Taking Our Country Back! And We Are Winning!

Make Americans Free Again (MAFA) was founded in 2020 when we realized that our government, and the people and policies that led to the COVID-19 debacle, could not be fixed.

Our solution has been to build a “Parallel Society” to counter our current totalitarian government.

It has become almost impossible to compel the current regime to change the way we are governed – efforts to improve the current system have been exercises in futility – and we do not want to overthrow this government by force.

The creation of a parallel society therefore becomes the best option.

The parallel society creates structures that respect the laws but in which the ruling powers become an insignificant part of our daily lives.

This involves parallel forms of education, science, scholarship, information networks, healthcare, and free parallel markets that form a parallel economy.

This strategy has been successfully used before!

The parallel society was credited with ending the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in the 1980s. It was so strong, decentralized, and decoupled from the state that the Communist regime eventually lost its grip on power.

Once a parallel society is established, its members are no longer in the same danger as when they relied on the structures and institutions that are part of the tyrannical state (examples include education and medicine). It provides protection for when establishment structures collapse and serves the authentic needs and wants of people rather than political class.

Build A Local Tribe

Build a group of 2-100 people who meet regularly in person and agree to help one another to survive in these troubled times

Stand Up Against Unconstitutional COVID Responses

Since 2020, MAFA has led the way in ground-breaking litigation:

  • We were FIRST to challenge the emergency declaration – in several states
  • We were FIRST to start defending health professionals against regulatory actions of licensure boards
  • We were FIRST to file a lawsuit against a state medical board and its board members personally.
  • We were FIRST to challenge the vax passports – in New York and in Boston

AND most important – we were the first to file lawsuits against the creators of SARS-CoV-2: EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, Ian Lipkin and Ralph Baric.

We have filed two lawsuits against these defendants who are ultimately responsible for the devastation experienced by the entire world during the last three years. ALL families of anyone who died of COVID are potential plaintiffs. We intend to file more lawsuits – in several states and representing more and more plaintiffs.


For the first time, a collection of fully vetted (meaning all postings are fact-checked and proven to be true) COVID- and public health/government-related articles, videos, and documents – all in one place!!

We just added new categories in order to cover issues such as the transgender ideology affecting our children, the entire vaccine schedule (not just COVID vaccines!), reporting and privacy concerns for patients – and more!

It’s unfortunate that people on both sides of COVID and other related healthcare issues make claims that are, at best, exaggerated and, at worst, false. It’s difficult and time consuming to check out everything you read, hear, or watch. We do it for you! The videos, articles, and documents that we approve are posted in one place and organized by category. Complicated documents from governments and drug companies will be accompanied by analysis so that you don’t have to spend hours analyzing them on your own.

Additional documents and videos are added weekly; new sections are added regularly

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Make Americans Free Again cannot exist without the support of individuals who believe in a freer America. From funding legal battles to supporting state affiliates, your donations serve as the bedrock of our mission.

Healthcare Professionals Initiative

It is time to stop the unrelenting attack on both licensed and unlicensed health professionals!

MAFA Academy

The MAFA Academy is free and available only to Make Americans Free Again members. Live Academy classes are held periodically. Classes are recorded and placed on a platform; MAFA members have ongoing access to this platform.

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